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At Sharpsys we provide an opportunity to enhance and customize software solutions offered at different stages.

Our upgrade and customization services offer increased quality, yet reduced costs and contention for the company’s computing resources. The upgradation process is carried out without interrupting the ongoing work and producing the result more accurately and expediently. Clients can focus their resources and time on current production issues or new application modifications.

Our team of experts has deep knowledge of technology and leverages it whether on-premises applications, on-cloud applications, or on the hybrid model to enable a seamless business process for our clients.

Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365:

If you have a particularly dated version of Dynamics, or if your business processes have changed since your original implementation, you might want to start afresh with a new solution. This option constitutes more of a re-implementation than an upgrade, as the portions of data and content you want to keep will be removed from your existing solution, and migrated to Dynamics 365.

Technical Upgrade 


Hybrid Upgrade

For upgradation to new Dynamics 365, existing Dynamics customers can follow these steps: 

Dynamics 365 offers a massive range of tools and provides businesses with opportunities to optimize their processes, but every organization has individual needs; working out what those needs exactly are before you go live with your new software will help you hit the ground running and enable our consultant to deliver a Dynamics 365 that best fits your organization.

We help you in Thinking about:

  • How much data do you need to import.
  • Are there any customizations you need to transfer over?
  • Is the functionality enabled by these customizations already supported by Dynamics 365?
  • Are there any third-party apps or services you need to integrate with?
  • Are these supported by Dynamics 365 natively, or will they require customization?