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A fit-gap analysis enables the accurate identification of the difference between the known requirement and the proposed or current solution to any organization’s need.

The fit-Gap analysis is the process of finding out how well a specific organization’s current or planned system fits that organization. A fit-gap analysis identifies the difference between the known requirements and the proposed or current solution of the particular ERP software.

One of the features of fit-gap analysis is that it can bring clarity to a wide range of issues, from complex IT issues to more straightforward problems when you need objective standards to help your team make a decision.

How can we use fit-gap analysis for your organization?

For each section of the business, create a list of functionality needs to meet operating objectives, including any goals for efficiency and regulatory requirement.

Determine whether your current system is capable of meeting your requirement. Be methodical in your assessment and engage the functional users to obtain their input.

Fit Gap analysis indicates where the system meets your organization’s needs and helps in further enhancement of the system.