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SAP (ERP) is used worldwide for Enterprise Resource management systems. SAP is a huge very integrated system that helps business entities in processing transactions. SAP has solutions for many business functions such as Accounting, Sales and Distribution, Human capital management, etc. SAP has been around for a while and it is still the premier choice for most of the world’s largest business entities.

SAP offers basically five main ERP products that are



SAP S/4 HANA Cloud

SAP Business One

SAP Business ByDesign

There are 4 pillar SAP modules that are fundamental and mandatory at the time of implementation.

The modules are the following:

Some of the reasons that have led SAP to achieve success among large companies.

Specialized Approach:

The management systems designed by SAP offer a central point that comprises different processes under the same interface. These processes are simplified in their implementation, but they can treat complex tasks, thus offering greater specialization with less difficulty for the user.

Global Solutions:

Whether for multinationals or local companies, SAP has a fairly wide range of management systems, as well as versions for very different sectors.

Integrated BI(Business Intelligence):

Its management systems integrate complex options for business intelligence. In this way, business data analysis is performed by the same system in which the data is produced, without having to walk or connect different systems.

SAP has been both a driver of the changes in enterprise computing as well as the beneficiary, as companies became customers to help deal with changing conditions.