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Augment IIoT and become more successful & effective

IIoT is a platform that brings together a number of solutions, services, and technologies that involve connecting and digital transformation of manufacturing/industrial sectors.

We Help You Bringing Digital Transformation

Industrial IoT uses Smart Sensors in Industry applications.

It is used to get real-time data and better access to all machines.

Industrial IoT gives the industry a platform to use data and analytics.

IoT makes business decisions faster and more accurate.

In addition to Real-time data analytics, Industrial IoT gives support to Business Intelligence (BI), Quality Control, Asset Tracking, and Predictive maintenance.

IIOT has vast usage in different sectors of industries:

Sharpsys provides end-to-end IIoT solutions on the basis of industrial requirements.
Some of the main services provided by our team at Sharpsys using IIoT are to get value from data, reduce costs,
improve performance and present new plans of action.

New technologies that enable IIoT are:

Cloud-based connectivity as well as running advanced simulation capabilities online.

Ability to rethink the way the workforce works, by enabling remote monitoring of plants and/or automatically detecting and sending information to experts around the globe for diagnostics

Ability to better manage workforce safety/management via wearables and/or advanced management solutions.

Ability to predict failures via new ability to deploy models/data.