Implementation of MS Dynamics AX 2009 for a Weigh Bridge Management System (WBMS). Company based at Jakarta, Indonesia

Business Result
  • data for better decision making using various technologies

  • Provide Business intelligence to the Sales reps. to better their sales

  • Making Client ready for Business Consolidation and merger activities

  • Increase user efficiency by avoiding duplication of order creation in multiple application for their business scenario

  • Avoid human errors during scale in and scale out process with the help of integration of WBMS and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

  • To develop Line of business applications comprising of Weigh bridge management System to be integrated with MS Dynamics AX 2009 To establish workflow based approval process for control/maintaining Policies within the organization

  • To develop various web service routine in order to automate order creation and perform data synchronization at any point of time.

  • To develop advance business routine in WBMS to automatically capture vehicle scale in and scale out values along with the tolerance defined in the Dynamics AX Application.


  • Sharpsys team involved in the integration of WBMS with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

  • Sharpsys team has newly designed and developed the WBMS application in .NET MVC based on requirement collected from the client and performed the integration with AX 2009.

  • A Five-member team has involved in the below activities and complete the project within a year.

    • Perform feasibility study

    • Define the functional requirement document as the enterprise need

    • Evaluating User friendliness and scalability

    • Fit Gap analysis and customizations in MS Dynamics AX2009

    • Explicitly followed the standard development procedure and best practices on the area of customization in AX 2009

    • Technical Design Document, Integration design document and flow diagrams

Significant Challenges

  • Development of WBMS application and integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX2009

  • Extreme challenge was getting analog input from weigh bridge device and convert into digital value and feed it into WBMS application

  • Automation of order creation in Dynamics AX 2009 based on the input received from WBMS application periodically.

  • Data synchronization during internet downtime in client premises

  • Security handling between two systems for the users.

  • User training on both applications around 250 users.