About Us



Sharpsys Software Solutions India Private Limited is a business and technology service company developing business need IT Solutions. Our team follows a style that generates measurable Return on Investment for our customers. We understand that leading companies worldwide need to maintain and stay ahead, and by reducing time to market, we reduce costs, and provide high solutions that are reliable and innovative. Sharpsys have expertise in delivering best-in-class software services across a wide spectrum of domains. We provide software solutions for various aspects utilizing onsite/offshore models and develop amazing interactive touch or text based applications for Apple iPhone, Android, BlackBerry smart phones and other mobile devices.


  • Quality

  • Versatility across multiple Domains

  • Affordable

Our Solution is the integration of above 3 pointers in order to provide most efficient solution on time. The development of correct solution for client scenario and strategy is achieved by our certified experts from various domains like Manufacturing, Retail, HRM, Finance, SCM etc. We always believe in thoughts that rule beyond the border and provides Best in Class Domains with Universal standards that you can get from any of the top Consulting corporations in the world but with the cost that any midsize and small size companies can afford.